September's Give-A-Way!

    Ok my loyal supporters, it is that time again, time for a fabulous give away! 

      Its the season to be cozzy! Flavor of pumpkins and apple spice. Are you  ready to guess what the next Art Collection will be? Send your selection to, and put pumpkin spice in the subject line.  That is all! so lets see whom my next winner shall be, shall we ;) 

 A. Urban Art

 B. Cubism

 C. Retro

 D. Landscapes

 E. African Art

    There is the list! Congratulations to Mr. A Washington last months winner for guessing my new Geometric Collection. If you have not seen my best collection as of this date check out this preview and  then use the link to up grade your space!

 Click here to go to this fabulous collection